Support for mothers of newborns or infants and for pregnant women

Motherhood and pregnancy are natural processes, yet we understand that the adaptation to new motherhood is a challenging role. Like many other mothers you may not have the support systems around you to help you cope. You may feel that no-one around you understands what you are feeling. You may feel isolated and alone.  

You may not have close family in Sydney to support you. You may have family around you but you feel they don’t relate to your situation. You may be a woman who is used to the independence of a career where you now feel vulnerable and not in control. These emotions and experiences are shared by many new mothers.  

MUM FOR MUM offers you home based, confidential, free of charge support. We provide support by matching you with an empathetic and non judgmental woman who has the experience and the will to help you cope with new motherhood. She will not be a health professional but a mother herself who can appreciate your challenges. Her support is complementary to any other health or support service you may require.  

If you think the program can help you in any way or you want to find out more please contact us.


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